Custom-made daylighting system (prefab) basement

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Custom-made daylighting system (prefab) basement

Basements often have little or no windows, making the room uncomfortably dark. Do you use the basement as living space of for an office or do you simply want more light in your basement? With our daylight systems, we bring daylight into the darkest corners of your basement. The daylight tube can be installed in through the side of your basement, therefore  your underground space will never have a lack of light again, making it a usable multi-purpose space!

Typical prices for basement daylight systems (including diffuser round classic vusion and white mounting ring) are as follows;

  • Daylighting system (prefab) basement Powerdaylight Ø 25 cm 80 cm x 80 cm £ 1,850.00 excluding vat
  • Daylighting system (prefab) basement Powerdaylight Ø 35 cm 80 cm x 80 cm £ 2,000.00 excluding vat
  • Daylighting system (prefab) basement Powerdaylight Cradle Ø 35 cm walkable , wall mounted £ 3,125.00 excluding vat

Not every application is the same, therefore the unique basement terminal can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. If you require daylight in either your new or existing basement or underground space then Techcomlight's daylight professionals are happy to help you.

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